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I have been overweight since I was young. I've lost 20 or 30 pounds at a time only to gain it all back and then some! I got sick and tired of yo-yo dieting and feeling bad about my weight.
My Personal Weight Loss Plan has allowed me to break free of the bad food choices I was making without feeling hungry or like I was missing out or being punished for something... I am learning that I can do this MY WAY and it doesn't have to be a struggle.

I am so grateful for this program! All of the shakes and bars are wonderful but the number of choices is overwhelming for me. I wasn't sure of what to take or when I was supposed to take it, plus I really didn't have any idea what to expect.
Having a real, live expert walk me through the selection process, and explaining how it works and what to do made all the difference for me. I'm doing this for myself, but now I don't feel like I'm doing it " myself."

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