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Meet the Founders

Dr. David Murdy

Dr. David Murdy

Chief Medical Officer

David Murdy, M.D., M.B.A. is both the Chief Medical Officer, and the founding partner who brought betterMD to life by treating his patients for weight-related illness over thirty years ago. Since then Dr. Murdy has published and presented peer-reviewed research on weight management in the US and Canada, and has helped thousands of patients lose weight. He continues to advocate for compassionate and effective treatment for weight issues.

Dwight Murdy

Chief Executive Officer

Dwight’s career spans 60+ years and several key industries, including Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Manufacturing, Process Engineering, Industrial Construction, and Transportation, to name a few.  Dwight joined his brother, David, in Wisconsin to lend  a hand as he started a new family and a busy medical practice. He continues to lead this family-owned company into the new millenium.

Mike Murdy

Mike Murdy

Chief Technical Officer

Mike joined Dwight and David to help them expand the reach of Dr. Murdy’s clinical practice. Mike’s technical background played a large role in the early development of betterMD’s Virtual Clinic Application Tool (vCAT™). Working closely with Dr. Murdy, Mike was able to leverage what was then, a new and emerging technology, the World Wide Web, to duplicate the success of David’s patients in a web-based, distributed application… years before they were called “apps!”

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