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  • Pumpkin Pie Shake

    Pumpkin Pie Shake ($15.55)
    reviewed by Anne Gautreau

    betterMD has come up with a holiday winner just in time for the holidays! A fragrant bouquet of holiday spices delivers something truly delectable to the “Pumpkin Pie Meal Replacement.”

    When you sit down to your holiday feast this year, you can easily eliminate one indulgent temptation. Simply skip the well-larded pastry in grandma’s pumpkin-pie recipe. Instead savor the smooth, silky texture of BEbetterMD’s pumpkin-pie pudding. It’s one terrific way to top off your Thanksgiving feast without ladling on the heavy fats and calories in America’s beloved Thanksgiving dessert.

    So, this November 25, choose to be the holiday star at your table! It’s easy to lighten the caloric load with BEbetter MD. Who knew you could find hidden health benefits in something so scrumptious?

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  • Vanilla Cappuccino

    Vanilla Cappuccino ($15.55)
    reviewed by Donna Lewis-Smith

    One of my all time favorite products. Starting with this product in the morning sets me up for a successful day. The smell is divine. Can’t say enough about it love it

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  • Vegetarian Chili

    Vegetarian Chili with Beans ($15.55)
    reviewed by Bradley Doner

    I add jalapeños, diced onions and some mustard and this is my everyday meal. I’ve tried quite a few of the hot meals and this and the Nacho Cheese Pasta are my two favorites.

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