Recover from the Holidaze

Recover from the Holidaze: Why Resolutions Fail

Most New Year’s resolutions don’t last all year. Studies have shown that only 8 out of 100 people succeed in sticking to their resolutions.

One reason why this might be is because some people set goals that are too hard or unrealistic to reach. These really tough goals can make a person feel like they have failed, even if they have actually tried really hard.

Another issue is when people look for quick fixes instead of creating long-term habits –although it can be exciting at first, this usually isn’t enough to keep going for the whole year.

Finally, without support and regular check-ins, it’s more difficult to stick with a goal and get results over the course of an entire year.

You need a better PLAN!
...not another New Year's resolution

The last six weeks of the calendar year contain numerous holidays filled with temptations and charged with emotions, often leaving us feeling guilty and remorseful.

Add in a good helping of pressure to “turn over a new leaf” and it’s easy to understand why so many people make, and break… New Year’s resolutions.

If you feel discouraged or depressed you are not alone. Getting back on track can be difficult.

Why is change hard?

Creating good habits, like getting regular exercise, eating healthy foods, and developing positive relationships can go a long way towards improving both physical and mental health.

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Get Back On Your Plan

Bouncing Back After a Slip

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Set SMART Goals

SMART Goals for Weight Loss: Tips and Strategies

Do this For Yourself...

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