7 Bar Variety Pack

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[7 svgs/box] This variety pack features some of our most popular bars, individually wrapped for maximum portability.

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This variety pack features some of our most popular bars. Each of these nutrition bars is individually wrapped for maximum portability. You’ll appreciate that convenience when cravings strike! Armed with great taste and fortified with protein, each bar is a personal weapon in the war against unhealthy snacks.

10 reviews for 7 Bar Variety Pack

  1. Shainia Savino (verified owner)

    Love the assortment so I’m not eating the same thing every day! All bars taste good, have not been disappointed with any of the meal replacements I have tried with bettermd yet!

  2. Gloria McCants

    This gives you a good assortment of some of the items available. I wish I could choose what could be in the box, but it does give a variety and which is always good so you can choose what works for you and what doesn’t.

  3. Myesha Hollins

    I really enjoyed having a variety of bars to choose from. Surprisingly all of them tasted good. They did not have a bitter or chalky taste.

  4. Charlie Smith (verified owner)

    The bars are delicious! Each flavor works for me. Having a different bar a day helps keep me on target with my weight loss program.

  5. Phyllis Brandon

    I like this variety pack because it was a good way for me to find out which bars I really like. Some really delicious varieties in this pack!

  6. Donna Lewis-Smith (verified owner)

    I love the variety of flavors. All of these bars are delicious and filling. Perfect for on the go.

  7. Patsy Caldwell (verified owner)

    I enjoyed all the different flavors. Only thing is it’s hard to choose a favorite.

  8. Patsy Caldwell (verified owner)

    I ordered these twice and I like all of them but the lemon bar wasn’t in either of the boxes which was very disappointing. They did put an extra Marshmallow Brownie Crisp bar in place of the lemon bar.

  9. Regina Sharma (verified owner)

    This was not my favorite variety pack. The peanut butter mousse had a weird texture and the lemon was dry & pasty.

  10. Michele W

    I’ve had all of these bars and each one is pretty good. My favorite was the Lemon Merigne bar and the Peanut Butter Crunch. I love these variety packs to be able to try the different flavors and to have a good choice of different bars to choose from depending on my mood. Will order again in the future!

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