Maintaining Weight Loss: obey the traffic signals

Traffic Signal
Traffic Signal

Maintaining Weight Loss: obey the traffic signals

For most people, losing weight is very achievable, but maintaining that weight loss can seem impossible. Unfortunately, losing significant weight and then regaining it is an all too familiar story. Constantly losing and gaining weight wreaks havoc on your metabolism over time and crushes your resolve. So what can we do to break this cycle of yo-yo dieting?

You Need a Weight Maintenance Plan

If you read about My Weight Control Journey in our blog, you know that I lost 100 pounds using betterMD nutrition products. While I’m happy about my weight loss success, I’m even more proud of keeping the weight off!

Over the last several years my weight maintenance plan has evolved into what I call the… Green / Yellow / Red Light Rule

Green Light - On Track

When my weight is within 5 pounds of my goal weight (either over or under), I am in the Green Zone! 

Action: Keep doing what’s working

*note – if you are more than 5 pounds below your target, it’s time to boost your intake and increase your weight to put you back in the Green Zone. Contact betterMD Support for assitance.

Yellow Light - Caution

When my weight is between 5 and 10 pounds above my goal weight, I am in the Yellow Zone! 

Action: Something is amiss and it’s time to start tracking intake and activity levels… and to focus on eliminating poor nutrition choices. It’s not time to panic, but it is time to pay attention to what you’re doing… It’s also a good time to reach out for support from betterMD.

Red Light - Warning

When my weight is more than 10 pounds above my goal weight, I am in the Red Zone! 

Action: Red means STOP. No fooling around, it’s time to stop gaining weight and get back on track. This means return to the plan used during your initial weight loss, usually the most aggressive protocol that you followed. It can be intimidating, but a short-term meal replacement plan can quickly put you back in control.

Contact betterMD Support for help creating your maintenance plan!